Deutschmann, Gerhard DWV 202 Variationen über „Noël nouvelet“ für Orgel

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Das Orgelwerk Gerhard Deutschmann Nr.     
Deutschmann, Gerhard *1933
Variationen über „Noël nouvelet“ für Orgel DWV 202

Gerhard Deutschmann was born on 4th May1933 in Königsberg. After the 2nd World War he studied music for schools in the fi fties in Munich. Since 1958 he is active in Coburg as composer, music educator (headmaster) and choirmaster.
For fifteen years he conducted the traditional concert choir “Sängerkranz” (singers’ circle) in numerous oratorio concerts and has been active as music critic for over 30 years.
His compositional work contains up to now more then 200 compositions of the most various types from folk song to symphony. Numerous works for piano, organ, chamber music and orchestra were written. Deutschmann has composed choral works of almost every kind: from lieder cycles to polychoral works with orchestra.
He was repeated the winner at the Valentin-Becker competition for choral music in Bad Brückenau, the last time in 2009. In 1975 he received the first prize at the international competition in Barcelona, Spain.

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