Huber, Paul 1918-2001 Toccata über die Glocken des Domes zu St. Gallen, für Orgel

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Huber, Paul 1918-2001
Toccata on the bells of the Cathedral of St. Gallen, for organ

HuberHuber The Composer - His Work
The catalogue of works by Paul Huber, who was born on 17 February 1918, comprises well over 400 compositions of all genres. About a quarter of them are spiritual and liturgical works. Another focus is on works for wind music or orchestra up to the symphony. In addition, there is the music for Shakespeare's "Sturm" and Eduard Stäuble's comedy "The Citizens of Schilda" and the chamber opera "Das Schaufenster", premiered in 1957 at the Stadttheater St. Gallen, on a text by Dino Larese. Stylistically, Paul Huber was committed to a tradition that, in terms of artistic attitude, rejects Anton Bruckner. His early works show a clear influence of his teacher Willy Burkhard.
- Paul Huber, who grew up as the son of a peasant family in Kirchberg, "alttoggenburgischen Kirchberg", had studied piano, organ and composition at the Zurich Conservatory. In 1979, the University of Freiburg awarded him an honorary doctorate in theology, the city of St. Gallen
In 1982, she awarded her four-yearly cultural prize.
Paul Huber died in St. Gallen on 26 February 2001.
The present work, the Toccata about the bells of the Cathedral of St. Gallen for organ, lasts about 8 minu 40 seconds with repetition of the first part. The foundation of the cathedral goes back to the namesake of the city, to St. Gallus in the 7th century. St. Otmar founded the monastery in the 8th century. The Patrozinium takes place every year on the 15th of August of the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.


Paul Huber - "Toccata über die Glocken des Domes zu St. Gallen - St. Peter's Basilica" on the Walcker/Vegezzi-Bossi/Tamburini organ at the end of inauguration of the Jubilee of the Mercy [08.12.2015]


Paul Huber (1918-2001) - Toccata über die Glocken des Domes zu St. Gallen
Aufnahme: Santa Rita in Turin
Solist: Juan Paradell Solè


​Mikhail Mishchenko St.Stanislas Catholic Church, St.Petersburg
Paul Huber Toccata über die Glocken des Domes zu St.Gallen für Orgel


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