Rossin, Vadim * 1962 -Poseidon Suite for Trumpet B / C (Oboe)& Piano

Rossin, Vadim * 1962 -Poseidon Suite for Trumpet B / C (Oboe)& Piano

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Rossin, Vadim * 1962
-Poseidon Suite

for trumpet (oboe) in B / C & piano
(1. The Horn of Poseidon, 2. The Ship, 3. The Far Sea, 4. Dance of the Mermaids)
(Grade 2)

Vadim Rossin, Poseidon Suite for Trumpet B / C, & piano.
The Russian composer Vadim Rossin is the "Poseidon Suite" is a very interesting work done. The suite consists of four scenes from Greek mythology, the god of the seas. The titles of the four sets
1. The horn of Poseidon,
2. The ship,
3. The vast sea,
4. Dance of the Mermaids
See the music its characteristic equivalent. The incoming and not difficult to play melodies are young trumpeters and trumpeters joy.
(Grade 2) Michael Schmidt in nmz, Volume 47, Issue 7/8, July / August


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