Wassa,Babrak; Elegie for String Trio WasWV9, Musica Mundi: AFGHANISTAN

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Babrak  WASSA   WasWV 9
Elegie für Streichertrio
For String Trio

Babrak Wassa (born 1947 in Ghasni, Afghanistan) is a composer, conductor and choirmaster who came to Germany in 1980 from Afghanistan. In 2006 he composed the new national anthem of Afghanistan.
Babrak Wassa studied in Moscow, u.a. at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Already in 1978 he was General Music Director of the State Broadcasting and Television in Afghanistan.
In Germany, he established himself as a composer, conductor and choirmaster at choirs in Cologne and in Bergisches Land (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Comments by the composer
(In times of insecurity, constant change and destruction, there is often a feeling of despair and powerlessness that can hurt you physically.
In my work, I wistfully ask the question of "why" of the many injustices that occur in my personal life as well as in world affairs, and thus protest in my own way while others are writing books, demonstrating on the streets, or panel discussions.
I think every listener can recognize his personal injustices in the work.)
Babrak Wassa

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