Grünert,Mike, Spielmusik Nr.2 : Brass Quintett

Grünert,Mike, Spielmusik Nr.2 : Brass Quintett

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Grünert, Mike * 1969
Spielmusik Nr. 2
Brass quintet
Trumpet 1 in B / C Trumpet 2 in B / C Horn in F / Eb, trumbone in C (Swiss-) · B, tuba in C (Swiss-) -B

The Spielmusiken no. 1 to 3 emerged in consciousness easy to create or moderate works, which are suitable for concert performances. With its own charm, lets the composer scenes from cartoons in the mind's eye pull over. Small solo sections create color, rhythmic accents and interesting (homophone) harmonic turns for vibrant depth to interpret the equally well and to be heard works.

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