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General Catalogue 2022/23

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General Catalogue 2022/23

The catalog presents all the items available from Wolfgng G. Haas-Musikverlag Köln e. K.
All prices are indicated in Euros (€) and are valid from 1. June 2022 except error or modification. Items without price indication are in preparation.
Publications are regularly:
www.haas-Koeln.de announced.
- Please ask for our special catalogue!
Since our last general catalogue, our range has been constantly expanded. We stick to our quality principles:
- Scientifically founded source text editions
- high quality manufacturing
- Extensive information on authorship and work.
-Practical orientation (in the notation,
 almost always commercially available performance material)
- Please ask for our special catalogues!

Do not hesitate to call us:
We are there for you and will be happy to answer your technical questions.
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1 - 1 of 4 results