Bär, Roman *1975

Bär, Roman *1975

Roman Baer was born on 28 September 1975 in Marburg and grew up in a musical family. Already 4 years he began to play the recorder, piano and from 1984 also received trumpet lessons at the music school Marburger.
In 1990, he began his musical education at the Church Episcopal Church Music Institute in Fulda. Phonation and organ, he studied with Gerhard Blank in Marburg.
His compositions and arrangements arose out of practice.

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Bear, Roman * 1975 Weihnachtliches brass quartet: 16 Advent & Christmas songs;

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Bär, Roman; Magnificat a 5 "Meine Seele" (S.S.A.T.B.)

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Bär, Roman *1975 Weihnachtliches Recorders - Quartet: 16 Advent & Christmas songs;

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Bär, Roman *1975; Weihnachtliche Fantasie über „O du fröhliche, o du selige“ für Orgel

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