Finger, Gottfried 1660-1730

Finger, Gottfried 1660-1730

Alexander Fedyanin

1961 - 1965        Karaganda musical college / Specialty "trombone".
1965 – 1970        Kurmangazy Institute of Arts /  Specialty "trombone".

1969                   The third place and the title of laureate of the competition of executors on Wind instruments republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan Kurmangazy Institute of Arts 

1992                   Winner of «Emory Remington» contest quartets "CHEF" «ITA», Germany
2003                   Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan

                           Zhambyl Philharmonic

Since 1986         Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory

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Fingers, Gottfried; Sonata for trumpet, oboe, B.C. / or 2 trumpets and organ

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Finger, Godfrey, Sonata No.2 in C Major for Trumpet in C / B o. Oboe and Violin o. Viola, B.C.

Product no.: ISMN M-2054-2247-9

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Finger, Gottfried, Sonata No.3 in C Major for Trumpet in C / A, Violin, Oboe and B.C.

Product no.: ISMN M-2054-2248-6

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