Hans-Peter Bollinger * 1948; Homage to Reinhold Weber duo for trumpet and clarinet BolWV 1

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Hans-Peter Bollinger BolWV 1
Hommage an Reinhold Weber in seinem Mixturstil
für Trompete und Klarinette

The composer
Hans-Peter Bollinger born in 1948 in Waldshut- Tiengen, South Baden, lives in Montevideo, Uruguay in recent years. He received his artistic roots through his musical embossed home.
His Private Musical training as a composer he received at the Rhenish influenced composers
Reinhold Weber (1927-2013), who taught for many years at the Baden Conservatory, Karlsruhe.
His compositional ideas were passed firstly through the interesting Seventh Stylistics Webers
and ect on the other hand by the classical composers
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. and the contemporary masters Stanley Weiner and Jiří Laburda affected.
With his compositions he entertains his audience with a touch of.

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