Argast, Felix; Meditation on "Komm der Völker Heiland" ArgWV2a, for Trombone Solo; ArgWV 2a

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Meditation on "Komm der Völker Heiland" ArgWV2
for Trombone Solo

Difficulty: medium
Genre: Contemporary

Felix Argast comes from Switzerland, he was born in 1936 in Basel.
As an artist, he is a member of the Swiss Werkbund (SWB). As a designer, products designer, he has received many international awards and design awards.
His music studies, he graduated from the Music Academy in Basel. (Trumpet, piano, composition).
He spent several years in trumpeter Conservatory Orchestra, worked as a freelance musician in various symphony orchestras, and then went a rain solo career after. As leader of various choirs and instrumental ensembles he gained knowledge of his compositional work. He created an extensive oeuvre from practice for practice.

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