Gerigk,Manfred OP *1934 -Drei Laudate-Psalmen GerWV51, CHORPARTITUR (S.A.T.B.)

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Gerigk, Manfred OP * 1934
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-Drei Laudate-Psalmen GerWV51 / GChor (S.A.T.B.)
-Psalm 145 (Laudate Dominum, quoniam bonum est psallere Deo nostro)
-Psalm 146 (Laudate Dominum, quoniam bonum est psallere Deo nostro)
-Psalm 148 (Laudate Dominum de caelis,)


Three of the most beautiful hymns of the Psalter has set to music sounded glad of nearly eighty years of Dominicans, composer, music teacher and missionary in Bolivia. Rich in exciting dissonances, they can still shine through tonality. Psalm 145 (146) 41 4/4-cycles, endet.ffin A, Psalm 146 (147) 51 4/4-cycles, ppp with a B-major seventh, Psalm 148, 43 4/4-cycles, pp dim. in D ajoutée with sixte. Characteristics of his sentence manner are almost continuous eighth movement, interrupted by a few semiquaver passages, barely half notes, upbeat dotting, Imitation forms, one usually quite deep tenor voice. Good templates for choirs, who are interested in bridges from tradition to modems. [Hg in Musica Sacra, 5/2013]

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