1.2.3. Horn with notes and CD (PLAY ALONG)


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Play along - Clarke,J./Bach,J. S./Cabeçón A. -Kleine Renaissance-/Barock- Suite Horn in F, Piano

Product no.: ISMN M-50000-808-8

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Jepsen, Irene; In Toyland; PLAY ALONG (Baritone / Horn)

Product no.: ISMN M-2054-0110-8

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Easy solos; Jepsen,Irene; PLAY ALONG for Bariton in Bb (Horn in F) & Keyboard

Product no.: ISMN M-2054-0122-1

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Standard soli; Jepsen,Irene; Bariton / Horn in F, Piano,CD PLAY ALONG

Product no.: ISMN M-2054-0129-0

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